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General info

Note: please be aware that the information given below may change due to the Covid restrictions!

Rules (2021/2022)

Winter semester (Physics 1)

  1. All students are required to attend tutorial classes of their group (attendance will be noted). Please note that it is impossible to pass the subject if attendance is below 80% (without excuse - see below for information what to do if you are ill). If you would like to ask for permission to come to the classes with the other group (not your usual one) on a one-off basis, please remember to contact me at least two days earlier!
  2. Working out the problems on the homework is absolutely essential to learning the material of this course. Students are strongly encouraged to get together to discuss the homework, but of course the student presenting the solution during the class has to do it unaided, not using any notes, books etc.
  3. Each student will present at least one problem in a form a mini-seminar, i.e., to explain it to other students, answer their questions etc.
    - Max. 10-15 minutes for one problem. Plan your presentation carefully, and practice at home!
    - "Chalk and talk", without overhead projector, and not using your notes (except for giving final numerical values).
    - Please follow the symbols used in lectures, formula sheet and the recommended textbooks.
    - Apply the so-called I-S-E-E methodology (read Problem solving strategy from Y&F, and try to implement it!). Always find the final algebraic expression as your result, check the units, and only then substitute symbols with numerical values, evaluate limiting cases etc.
    - Before presentation, hand in your solution (on a piece of paper, handwritten or printed).
    - Points will be awarded for correctness and quality of presentation.
  4. There will be a short test (2 or 3 problems) in the beginning of every classes. The problems will be similar to the problems discussed during the classes (from two previous sets). To be awarded a point for a given problem, you need to solve it and find the correct final formula (minor mistakes allowed only if the units were verified!). You may print out the formula sheet and use it during the tests (but not at the blackboard, when presenting homework solutions!).
  5. If you were ill you would need to present an excuse as soon as possible (it means the 1st classes after you are back). You will have a possibility (not later than at the end of the semester, before exams) to write an extra test to collect points from the test(s) you missed.
  6. The final exam (at the end of the summer semester) will also include topics from the winter semester.
  7. Grading Policy:
    a) classes: grade will be given according to the AGH Regulations, and with the following weights: 80% - the tests; 20% - activity during the classes (presented solutions of the homework problems).
    Only students having less than 50% of points will have the 2nd-chance (and the 3rd one as well, if needed) opportunity to collect the lacking points by writing an extra test covering all topics from the whole semester.
    b) the final grade for the winter semester will be equal to the classes grade (if 2nd/3rd chance tests were taken, their weight is 1.0, and the regular "1st chance" result's weight is 2.0).
  8. All organizational arrangements will be made with a single representative of all students, preferably by e-mail.

Available at sylabusy.agh.edu.pl.

Textbooks and WWW links

The list is available here. I recommend the University Physics textbook at OpenStax (volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3), textbooks by Young and Freedman (in short Y&F), Serway (also great), Feynman (a little bit more advanced, but worth your effort!), videos with Walter Lewin's lectures: Classical Mechanics, Vibrations and Waves, Electricity and Magnetism from MIT OpenCourseWare, and HyperPhysics concept maps.


Objectives, key terms, additional materials etc.


Winter semester

Monday 9.40am

ABC of mathematics for beginner physicists: Integrals [original files by Dr J Woźniak (in Polish)]


[only in the 2nd semester]

Final exams

[TBA - 2nd semester]

Sample exam questions

Formula Sheet which you are allowed to print and use during the tests and exams. No other written material or electronic devices (mobile phones, notebooks, calculators etc.) are allowed.

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